Love the look of a long wrap skirt… except for that pesky flashing of too much leg? La Luna Loca has solved your problem! We make our wrap skirts wider than most so that you get the coverage you need when flouncing yourself around to picnics, barbeques and festivals. As always, the length of our [...]


No reason the short skirt crowd should flash! Wider wrap skirts cover more flesh and you can wear your Short Wrap Skirt with confidence and flare. Super as a swimsuit cover-up, but it would be a shame to leave this cute skirt at the pool. What about wrapped over a favorite pair of jeans? On [...]


A criss-cross front panel gives a cute look to go with today’s lower waistbands. Darts in the bust help the Wrap Tank fit like a dream. Limited print availability.


Feel like a goddess in this flattering so soft Maxi dress. Available in size OS1, and in this case that size works for most people!