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Miguel Rios Leather Archives • La Luna Loca

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Fine leather artistry by Miguel Rios. La Luna Loca has been featuring Miguel Rios Leather art for almost twenty years. Miguel says he has always had a passion for the art and heritage of his ancestors. He learned much of his craft from elders and relations that practiced traditional art forms. He has translated his knowledge and love into the leather bags we sell at La Luna Loca. Each one a treasure, the entire piece being a manifestation of Miguel’s unique outlook and vision of the world, full of vibrant color and tradition. Miguel Rios Leather art to add to your life or gift to someone special.

How he does his work is a trade secret he does not share, and we can see why. We can share that the art is colorfast and will not fade chip or peel. Getting caught in the rain, as does happen on the rare occasion in the Pacific Northwest, does not damage the bags. If you feel like you want to treat you leather use a fine leather oil and always test a small hidden area before treating the whole bag, to make sure you will get the desired result. Normal use of the bag and handling will cause Miguel Rios leather to soften and the colors to become deeper and richer.

Miguel is a recent widower and father of two beautiful girls. Let’s hope he passes on much of his art and talent to them.

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