Frequently Asked Questions and Important Stuff
What is Rayon? Isn’t it a synthetic fabric?

Rayon is a manufactured fabric made from all-natural wood pulp fibers. It is incredibly versatile, very breathable and is the optimum fabric to wear in hot, humid climates. Many people tolerate rayon much better than cotton or silk. Rayon is also known as viscose, and it comes in many grades or qualities.

OK, but isn’t rayon hard to take care of? It’s always wrinkled, isn’t it?

La Luna Loca makes a point of buying the highest quality blank rayon fabric available. If we named some of the expensive and famous brands that buy fabric from the same places we do, you would be surprised! This heavier, high-quality rayon fabric is easy to care for, and because we take care to pre-shrink our fabrics before sewing, your clothes can easily look as good (or better) than the day you bought them! Our fabric has been through the batiking process as well, which by its nature requires the fabric to be boiled several times, setting the color. This process makes our prints very fade-resistant and our colors do not run or bleed. Michelle has one favorite dress that has hung to dry many days in the intense Greek sunshine, but the print is still as bright as a new one in the store.

La Luna Loca rayon can be safely washed and This windbreaker is a nice lightweight pack-able water-resistant jacket.  The soft micro-suede nylon is a comfortable and stylish way to ward off wind and rain bursts. not require dry cleaning. Remember that not all rayons are the same, and some rayons DO require dry cleaning.

La Luna Loca clothes do NOT have to be dry-cleaned.

 My name is Yvonne. I was at your store yesterday and brought two friends to shop at your store as well. I have purchased many items at your store and want to tell you just how pleased I am with your products as well as your service. The quality of your products is terrific! As I mentioned to my friends yesterday in your store, I simply wash my clothing in cold water and hang it on a hanger to dry. My dresses, blouses, pants, and skirts come out nice and crisp. I seldom have to iron them and they still look like new after many washings.

What a delight to be able to have confidence in an item that I purchase. So many times, when I have purchased similar items at other shops, the clothing loses its shape after several washings, or the clothing is of poor quality and construction. Your products are top notch. I recommend your shop to all of my friends. I receive many compliments on your line of clothing as well. Thank you again for providing such a terrific line of clothing and other items. I will be back to shop at your store very soon.

 What about your cotton or jersey knit items?

As with other 100% cotton items, great care should be taken with La Luna Loca’s all-cotton specialty items. While the fabric has been pre-shrunk, cotton can be even more temperamental than rayon, and should be cared for in the same way: cold water, delicate washing and cool iron.

Rayon Jersey knit items are a supple, heavy fabric. We recommend that you store your garments folded rather than hung up, to prevent stretching and deforming the shape.


How to Care for Your La Luna Loca Clothing

Hand washing, in cold water with a drip-dry or flat-dry finish is the optimum regimen for La Luna Loca clothing. Avoiding any heat on the fabric will extend its lifespan tremendously—that means no warm water, no dryer and no iron. We find that a very good gentle cycle, a hand-wash cycle or a front-loading washer can produce excellent results, but please do so at your own risk and use common sense.

Hanging your clothes to dry, or laying them flat to dry, is actually your best wrinkle deterrent! The weight of the wet fabric when hanging tends to pull the wrinkles right out, and the flat drying allows the fabric to relax totally. Remember that heat will break down the rayon fibers eventually, so if you want to iron or touch up your clean clothes, use a light iron setting. Straight steam is wonderful as well! Irons or stand-alone steamers are great for touch-ups or, the old travel trick of hanging your clothes in the bathroom during a shower will refresh a wrinkled but still clean garment.

You’ll find that after a few washes, your Luna Loca gear will become softer and softer. This is a desirable outcome and will make travel with your clothes even easier. To pack, roll your garment up and pack the rolls. Hang up at least one night before you want to wear it and it should be ready to go, wrinkle-free, when you are ready for it.


Is your stuff Fair Trade?

We often describe our company as “Fair Trade-like” because we have not gone through the official Fair Trade certification process, but we adhere to the practices of those organizations.

Because we do our own manufacturing in Bali, we can have input on the working conditions of the people who sew for us, and our entire mission is centered around buying directly from the people who make the things we sell.

Our tailors are members of family- or woman- owned and run cooperatives or boutique workshops that offer a more traditional workplace environment than a job in one of Indonesia’s many factories. It’s not uncommon to visit one of our workshops and find it in the family compound, where grandmothers can watch the children, and communal eating areas are open all day long. We can assure you that we provide above-average pay, maintain ideal working conditions and offer sufficient consistent work for at least 6 people in just our clothing department. Purchases from other artisans are made with this ethic in mind, and a lot of shopping around.

Your purchase directly impacts the livelihood of individual people that we know personally, and they thank you!

One of the benefits of fair trade transactions is that they allow “consumers to voluntarily help disadvantaged producers in poor countries.” You can read more about the Fair Trade concept at Wikipedia:



It was so nice meeting you this afternoon!  I enjoyed watching you work!  The short dress that I purchased has a beautiful pattern to it.  I have always loved batik, but rarely find good quality material.  I learned to batik in my high school art class (our teacher was quite progressive).  I never achieved any really beautiful designs, I guess I appreciate the beauty of art more than I have the talent for it.  Anyway, you obviously love your career, for you are such a good salesperson.  You made myself and, I’m sure, the other ladies there, feel very comfortable and were quite intuitive on what might work best for me.  Thank you for making my shopping day such a pleasant experience!  I will be sure to stop in to see you again next time I visit Cannon Beach.



Debbie M

How Do I Choose My Size?

Our design–à retail concept gives us more control over sizing than many stores. While many of our traditional patterns may look familiar to you, they have all been redesigned with the Real American Woman in mind. You can choose your normal size with confidence and do not have to guess at the conversion.

  Small: 6-8Medium: 8-10

Large: 10-14

XLarge: 14-162XLarge: 18-20

3XLarge: 20-22

What?! What’s the Real American Woman?She is who you are! American customers have become accustomed to a generous fit that does not skimp in the bust, hip or thigh. La Luna Loca customers appreciate the extra touches we add at their request, like slash pockets on the seam of our trousers and skirts, wide waist elastics that don’t roll and crumple, and extra long lengths in our trousers and skirts that suit our long-legged gals and guys.

How Do I Get Some of That Good La Luna Loca Gear on My Body?

We pride ourselves on our individualized customer service and get great feedback for it. The sign on our front door cautions: This Is An Interactive Experience and we don’t want to leave you out just because you’re on the website. Your email, facebook direct message or phone call will be taken by one of us, to make you more comfortable with your order.  Once you are ready,  you can order online or we can send you an electronic invoice with a secure payment link.  When we receive notice of  payment confirmation your new clothes will be winging their way to you, usually by USPS Priority Mail. Keep in mind that there may be only one of us on duty to answer phone calls at any time and you will not be dealing with some faceless shipping department, so delays of a day or so can occur.

Email us at:     Telephone us at: 503.436.0774

There is a $15 minimum shipping charge; our shipping charges factor in your freight and the costs for getting it to the Post Office. Don’t worry, this isn’t where we’re making our fortune.

It is so nice to get some customer service, you are a rare breed indeed!

Thanks, Grace

What Is Your Exchange Policy?If your Luna Loca items do not delight you when received, please call or email us right away and we will be happy to exchange them for the right fit (within 7 days of receipt), or another color or similar item. Because of the unique nature of our business, we do not take straight returns back for refund, but we will work with you to get the right clothes on your back as soon as possible. Garments should be unworn and resalable. Exchanges are rare enough to be handled on an individual basis, but typically if the flaw is our fault, we’ll pay the return shipping. If it is your change of mind, we ask that you pay the return shipping.

Our official policy:

La Luna Loca’s return policy is Exchange Only. Items may be exchanged if they are:
– Returned in original condition, without scents including perfumes and tobacco
-Within 7 days of purchase
-Accompanied by your purchase receipt
* A restocking fee may apply
ALL Sale items are Final Sales
Footwear, sale, “% Off” items and body piercing jewelry may not be returned OR exchanged.

Due to the fluctuation in our inventory, you must call or email us to start your exchange or return. Unapproved returns are subject to our discretion if received out of the ether.

Remember that Cannon Beach does not have street mail delivery, so USPS mail must go to our Post Office Box #602, while UPS, FedEx and other parcel companies come to our front door. As ever: call or email us first—it just looks complicated in writing.


Thanks for sending the pants so quickly. I just love them!

Mary S

 What are your payment methods?

La Luna Loca accepts all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. And of course, La Luna Loca Gift Cards are always welcome!